About Us

Our working experience of the past few years has consisted of managing jobs, employees, and projects, often contributing many late hours in order to accommodate the project’s time constraints.
Our responsibilities have included ensuring that jobs were completed to the clients’ liking, on schedule, with all work done to the highest standard. We are always fully involved in each project, down to the last detail—this includes getting our own hands dirty on many occasions.  For Builders R Us, the whole process, from the blueprint to the beautiful finished product, is based entirely on one’s man’s passion. Founder David Genuth’s passion for exquisite, efficient design and state-of-the-art hands-on building is rooted in his years of talented project management and acquired expertise. For Builders R Us, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing hard work culminate in a project about which the client is ecstatic. This is achieved when every measurement, drawing, design, and creative thought, as well as the construction execution, comes down to one thing—perfection.

Our Mission

Our goal is to plan and maintain an efficient and reliable design that fits the client’s need, and to construct and execute quality and professional residential and commercial building projects in a timelyfashion. With our base in Lakewood, New Jersey, we offer our services to clients throughout the surrounding areas. Our company takes care of every project’s developing and building. We are personally involved with every aspect of the design and each phase of the construction process including but not limited to township inspections, lawyers, real estate agents, architects, interior decorators, paperwork, and approvals. We also communicate with buyers should the client wish to sell the property upon completion. Quality products. Client satisfaction. Your style, your ideas, our recommendations and project execution. We take your ideas and make them happen—right before your eyes.

What They Say


Joseph, Property Manager
Builders R Us helped us redecorate our ballroom!

Ben, Real Estate Owner
Our remodeling was never an easier task. Thank you Builders R Us!